Basic Camper Upkeep

A camper is a staple of modern camping practice. Whether yours is your first experience of the RV lifestyle or one of many campers that you’ve enjoyed in your lifetime, you know that these small vehicles are useful, versatile, and fantastic mechanisms that help create lasting memories. There’s nothing quite like a camper, and since it was a big investment for you, you should take special care of it to assure no harm comes to your cherished recreational vehicle. If you ignore small issues, they’ll quickly become devastating damages, which can cost you time, money, and maybe even your vehicle. You don’t want that to happen, and at Modern Trailer Sales, we don’t want it to either, so we put together this guide to explain some of the basics of camper maintenance. Then when you need additional service for more complex tasks, or just want to look at our selection of Forest River and Keystone RV models, come visit us in Anderson, where we serve customers from Indianapolis, IN.

Slide outs

A camper has a pretty compact living space, so those slide outs are essential for a more convenient and comfortable floorplan. You don’t want to risk letting them get stuck while you’re in the middle of a vacation, so make sure you buy a spray lubricant to use on the runners and rails. This will break away the grime and rust that develops over time, which will keep them sliding smoothly, without getting stuck. You can apply this product about twice a year, and it’s a good idea to do so before you take it out of storage.

Inspect for Leaks

All RVs will develop leaks at some point in time. While the small, durable frame on a camper might seem a little more durable at first, their exteriors are no exception. Unfortunately, ignoring a leak is one of the worst things that an RV enthusiast can do, because these small damages will allow water to seep in through the cracks. This leads to mildew, mold, and sometimes even wood rot, which can sabotage the structural integrity of your vehicle. On top of that, mold and mildew will eat away at the nicer furnishings inside your camper, and because of the awful smell released from mildew, you’ll eventually find yourself unwilling to even step foot inside. You don’t want a simple problem to turn into such a disastrous situation, so you will want to keep an eye out for leaks. If you notice one, you could attempt to fix it yourself with a sealant, if you’re confident with these kinds of repairs. However, we always recommend bringing your camper into our service department anytime you’re faced with this kind of damage, no matter how small it may seem.


The last easy fix we recommend for every RV owner, especially camper owners, is to ventilate your model properly. Leaks might allow water to come in and start problems, but even if the exterior of your camper is in great shape, careless housekeeping could easily lead to mold, mildew, and wood rot. For instance, leaving wet towels or clothes on the ground is a terrible idea. That water has to go somewhere, which means that it will evaporate, rise into the air of your RV, and find its home inside the walls and floorboards. This means you’ll need to dry all your clothes outside and avoid leaving anything damp laying around. The same thing happens when you take a shower or do dishes without turning on the fan and opening the vent. Look for whatever ways possible to eliminate moisture from your camper. You’ll be more comfortable, it will feel nicer, and your RV will last much longer.

Campers are valuable tools for better enjoying the camping experience, and to get the most out of these RVs, make sure you’re following through with basic maintenance tasks and inspections. You’ll keep your vehicle lasting much longer with these simple jobs, but if you have any more questions, need more complicated repairs, or just want to look at our new Forest River and Keystone RV units, stop by Modern Trailer Sales, where we serve the areas of Noblesville and Fishers, IN, as well as Muncie and Carmel, IN.

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