Benefits of a Bunkhouse Trailer

Benefits of a Bunkhouse Trailer

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Benefits of a Bunkhouse Trailer Articles from Modern Trailer SalesChoosing an RV always involves a tough decision between large but pricey models and more affordable yet cramped floor plans. If you want a good trailer but you’re on a tighter budget, you don’t want to have to compromise for a smaller unit that won’t sleep everyone as comfortable as a larger motorhome or fifth wheel would. Thankfully, that’s why they invented bunkhouse campers! These RVs appear tiny at first, but when you open up a Forest River Wildwood or Keystone RV Summerland or Bullet, you’ll notice space has been utilized perfectly for maximum comfort! This guide will tell you about the many advantages of a bunkhouse, and when you’re ready to check one out, come into Modern Trailers, Serving Anderson and Indianapolis, IN.

Maximized Space

With the smaller space, good RV manufacturers realize that they have to be clever with their designs. That’s why Forest River and Keystone RV design bunkhouse campers with carefully thought-out floor plans that allow for many people to sleep comfortably in a tight area. You can stack multiple campers inside the bedroom without making anyone feel crowded, which is great if you plan on having guests vacation with you. If you have a small family and plan to expand, these RVs are also a very safe choice. They work for a family of two, but if you have children, later on, you won’t even have to upgrade to a larger RV! Everyone will still have a nice place to sleep in one of these cozy campers.

Comfy and Close to Nature

It might not be considered a good thing for an RV to be minimal, but in this case, you’ll appreciate how the bunkhouse camper doesn’t distract too much from nature. You’ll get the best of both worlds because you have a nice place to sleep and some convenient amenities while still being able to enjoy the great outdoors. Larger RVs have so many distractions like large kitchens and huge living areas with entertainment features, but if you’re serious about getting in touch with nature, than a bunkhouse is the way to go.


You might be wondering if you’re even going to like the RV camping experience. Well, we’re almost positive you will, but there’s no easier or more affordable way to test it out than by choosing a bunkhouse! Campers only cost a fraction of how much you pay for larger RVs, but you can still get an idea of what it’s like to camp in a home-on-wheels.

Easy to Tow

New RV owners can be especially intimidated by the prospect of having to tow a huge fifth wheel around. Even Class C motorhomes can be tricky to drive around, but attaching a bunkhouse camper to your rig makes towing no more difficult than driving a large bus. You don’t have to worry about the super tough navigation and braking on a 30-foot trailer, and these campers will give you a better sense of what it’s like to carry a trailer around.

Easier Maintenance

Not only is a bunkhouse camper cheaper, but it’s also very low maintenance compared to larger RVs. Motorhomes have engines, transmissions, and all those other complex parts that go into a car, while fifth wheels put a lot of extra weight on that chassis. The camper, though, is a lightweight trailer with reliable parts, and those parts can be replaced for pretty cheap if you ever need to.

Bunkhouse campers may be small, but they pack a lot of really great advantages inside. If you’re new to RVing, there’s no better way to get into the RV lifestyle, so come check out our selection of Forest River Wildwood, Keystone RV Summerland, Keystone RV Bullet, and other campers today! We’re located near Noblesville, Fishers, and Muncie, IN, as well as Carmel, Indiana.

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