Buying a New Camper

Tips For Buying a New Camper from Modern Trailer Sales


If you pick the camper that’s right for you, it’s not just going to sit in storage all year, waiting to be taken out again. Instead, it’ll be something you’ll love so much that gets you making excuses to go camping. You’ll plan entire summers around your new travel trailer, save money just to experience another camping trip, and dread the offseason when your RV has to sit in storage for a couple months. We want everyone to be this delighted with their camper or fifth wheel, so we put together this guide to get you through the buying process, covering everything from budgeting to deciding on features. Once you read this over and do some calculations yourself, come talk to one of our specialists at Modern Trailers in Anderson, near Indianapolis, IN. We have the expertise to send you home with the camper of your dreams.


You probably have a price range in mind for your new camper, so you’ll need to establish that very clearly for yourself before even stepping into the dealership. Don’t let your window be too narrow, because then you’ll risk missing out on an RV that’ll make you happy, so allow a little bit of wiggle room. If you’re really picky about what goes into your travel trailer, you might have to spend a couple thousand more to get all those high quality amenities and accessories. If you’re leaning toward a larger size, you’ll also want to consider how this will affect the price. Even though it sounds limiting, deciding on a budget beforehand will make your time at the dealership faster, as it will help us guide you to the best fifth wheel or camper for your price range.

Consider Weight

Buying a new camper is a big enough investment in itself, so you don’t want to have to buy a whole new tow vehicle just to haul it. Instead, try figure out ahead of time what your current vehicle’s maximum weight capacity is. If you already have a full-sized pickup diesel truck, you can probably tow even the largest of travel trailers. If you have something like an SUV though, you’ll have to stick with a small travel trailer. No matter what kind of tow vehicle you have, check your owner’s manual for the maximum tow capacity, and decide how heavy of a trailer you can get.

Type of Trailer

There are tons of different types of RVs out there for different preferences, so you’ll also want to decide what exactly you’ll be doing with it. If you have a motorcycle or some ATVs you want to bring with you, you should get a large toy hauler to carry the extra vehicles. Some campers just want to head out to a campsite a few times a year for a comfortable family vacation, in which case a small travel trailer will do just fine. We also have plenty of new fifth wheels with residential appliances and deluxe features, which are great if you’re looking for an RV to live in and camp with some real luxury.

Desired Options

There are tons of RVs to choose from, and even once you’ve found a style or brand that you want to choose from, every camper differs significantly in the features it offers. After you’ve decided on budget, weight and trailer type, figure out a list of necessary and preferred features. You might absolutely need a TV in your travel trailer, or maybe you can’t live without a full shower in your bathroom. No matter what your wants and needs are, these lists will help you narrow down your search for an RV by shopping for features. This means you’ll have much better luck finding something that really fits your needs, so you won’t have to settle for something that’s below your standards.

With the budget, weight restriction, desired style and list of features, you’re all ready to come into the dealership and find your next camper! Our representatives have a long history of helping families find new RVs that are perfect for their needs, so once you figure out what you need in your travel trailer or fifth wheel, come talk to us at Modern Trailers. We’re in Anderson near Noblesville, Fishers and Muncie, IN. We also serve customers from Carmel, Indiana.

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