Heartland Big Country Fifth Wheel Trailers For Sale Near Indianapolis, IN

Heartland Big Country Fifth Wheel Trailers For Sale Near Indianapolis, IN

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Heartland RV’s beautiful, durable, and exceedingly comfortable. With innovative features, clever floor plans, and lasting construction, these RV’s are made to give you the most satisfying travel experience for years to come. Come in and see us at Modern Trailer Sales in Anderson, Indiana, and let our friendly staff show you why Heartland trailers are a step ahead of the curve!

Heartland Innovation

Since the company was founded, the folks at Heartland have worked hard to introduce new features to their RV’s that make a real difference, for those who use Heartland RV’s for travel and vacation, as well as those who live full time in their Heartland vehicles. One of the first introductions that they made was the tight turn technology, which made Heartland fifth wheel trailers easy to tow even with a short bed or extended cab truck. Another great innovation that Heartland was the first to introduce is the UDC, or Universal Docking Center. The UDC is an all in one compartment containing every major hookup that your RV could need, including city water, TV, phone, satellite, holding tank pull handles, and tank flush hookups. By combining access to all of these systems in one easy to reach compartment, Heartland made RV ownership that much easier, and other manufacturers are scrambling to catch up with this ingenious advancement.

Heartland Quality

Heartland has a dedication to creating a product that will last you a long time. Each feature on these RV’s is carefully considered to ensure that you can get the best possible utility out of every available space and amenity. For instance, the exterior storage compartment is lined with rubber flooring, instead of the cheaper grey felt you find in other RV’s, giving these storage spaces better grip on stored items, and making cleaning much easier. Heartland also insists on one piece furniture, steel ball bearing drawer guides, king sized beds, and top of the line components for plumbing and electrical fitting. All of these little details may seem mundane at first, but when you put them all together you get an RV that will last longer, provide easier living and maintainence, and simply be more comfortable.

Heartland Big Country Luxury Fifth Wheel Trailers for Sale

The Heartland Big Country takes all of the best features of a Heartland RV, and rolls them into one awesome luxury fifth wheel trailer package. The Big Country features a spacious kitchen space with residential level appliances, solid top countertops, and a double sink for easy cleanup. The king sized bed and walk in closet give the Big Country a true five star living feel, and the multitude of slide outs in this model make your living space feel open and free. The bathroom area features a porcelain commode and a luxury glass shower surround. The exterior is equipped with Heartland’s UDC, as well as exterior speakers, and available fold out patio setups make this fifth wheel trailer perfect for entertaining. If you want to know what easy RV living feels like, you can’t afford to miss out on the Heartland Big Country!

With a dedication to innovation, durability, and comfort, Heartland trailers are a great choice for the discerning RV traveller. Whether you’re looking for your first RV, or shopping around for an upgrade, our knowledgeable staff here at Modern Trailer Sales are here to help! Come by today and visit us in Anderson and let us set you up with the RV that’s perfect for you! We’re proud to serve the communities of Indianapolis, Noblesville, Fishers, Carmel, and Muncie, Indiana, so stop in and see us today!

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