How To Keep Your RV Cool

How To Keep Your RV Cool Article from Modern Trailer SalesSummer camping is where it’s at when it comes to a great vacation that incorporates nature and plenty of freedom. Your RV takes you everywhere you want to go in the summer and provides you with a comfortable and spacious place to stay. You might find, though, that on hot days, your RV becomes pretty stifling inside, particularly if it’s an older model. That’s why Modern Trailer Sales of Anderson has prepared this list of tips for keeping your camper cool on the hottest days. Try these tricks to avoid sweltering in the heat, and come see us if you have any maintenance needs on your trailer or RV.

Find A Shady Location

Parking in a cool location will help immensely with the inside temperature of your RV. Whether you’re parking on a campsite or out in nature, try to find a large tree to shield one side of your camper, preferably the western side as the sun will be hottest in the afternoons. Keep the windows of your RV pointed away from the afternoon sun, too. Usually, the door side of an RV has an awning, so this is the best side to park in the sun as you can somewhat shield yourself from it using that covering.

Open Your Vents

One of the best ways to stay cool is to vent out all the hot air inside your camper. You can do this by opening the windows on the shady side of your RV to let in cool air to replace the warmth. Fans will help increase air circulation, as will attic vents, which you should install if your RV doesn’t already come with them. Prop these open to let the hot air out quickly since heat rises.

Install LED Lights

LED lights are much cooler when they’re on than traditional incandescent lighting, and they burn for longer, saving you money long-term. They’re just as bright as normal lights, if not brighter, while expending much less energy and heat. While they can be a pricey initial investment, LED lighting will help keep your camper a little cooler inside while saving energy.

Keep Windows Covered

There are several ways to block sunlight from coming through your windows. One common method is to put up reflective bubble insulation over the windows that blocks out UV rays and reflects light away from your camper. The sun shining on bare glass can heat up your RV pretty quickly, even with the curtains shut, so adding some more protection will help cool things down inside.

Cook Outside

One way to keep the interior of your camper cool is to avoid heating it up at all costs. This means cooking outside whenever you can or simply cooking less. Fire up the grill for fish, burgers, chicken or kebabs and spare your trailer’s interior from the heat. Otherwise, you can prepare meals that rely on cold and raw ingredients, like cereal for breakfast, sandwiches for lunch and salads for dinner. Using your microwave can be a good way to steam vegetables and prepare some hot foods without generating any heat indoors, too.

Looking for a new or used RV? Visit our Anderson dealership to see our huge selection of campers, trailers and RVs, including those by the latest and greatest brands. We can help you find an RV optimized to stay cool with climate control and strategic ventilation, too, so you can travel in the summer without overheating. Modern Trailer Sales serves the wider Indianapolis metropolitan area, including the cities of Carmel, Fishers, Noblesville and Muncie, Indiana.

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