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You bought your RV because you wanted you wanted to feel more at home while camping, so why would you settle for a camper that’s not as cozy, decorative, or exciting as your own home? Decorating an RV is fun, and the result is a much more life experience when out with nature. You can use a little of simple, affordable methods to drastically change the interior look of any camper, so check out this guide from Modern Trailer Sales to learn more about giving your recreational vehicle a more homey atmosphere! If you have any questions or want to look at our new models of Keystone and Forest RV, come and visit us in Anderson, serving the area of Indianapolis, IN.


All homes have a specific character that reflects your own personality, so why shouldn’t your camper? Even great manufacturers like Keystone RV and Forest River can’t know exactly how to customize your RV for you, so it’s up to you to decide on a theme that fits your own tastes and preferences. You might want to model it after your home, or maybe you want to do something completely different! Either way, pick a scheme, and as you add new things to your trailer, you’ll quickly see the interior of your home-on-wheels come to life!


Design always starts with color. If you’re stuck with very plain flooring or walls that don’t quite create the kind of atmosphere that you prefer, then it’s time to change them. Fortunately, there’s not a whole lot of surface area in a camper, so buying materials to paint the walls and swap out the flooring is actually quite affordable. As soon as you’ve changed up the color scheme to your liking, your RV will be much more personable and cozy.

Throw Pillows

Designers are all about those little things that really tie a room together, and one simple addition that goes a long way in any RV is the throw pillow. These are typically pretty cheap, and you don’t have to buy anything too fancy to add some character to your living room. Put a few on the sofa, recliner, and maybe even your bed, and it’ll make a huge difference in the overall design of your camper.

More Authentic Decor

Why don’t all RVs come with more authentic decor? We don’t know exactly, but if you don’t like the drapes or blinds, it’s not that hard to switch them out with some new curtains to match the color of the walls and floor. Even if you bought a really nice camper from Forest River or Keystone RV, you might not be entirely satisfied with how these furnishings tie the room together, so never hesitate to make some small changes to fit your style. It’s also really effective to put a small rug in the living area, as this takes that boring linoleum design and turns it into an inviting floor.


We put pictures on our refrigerators, walls, entertainment centers, coffee tables, and just about anywhere else you can think of. One great opportunity that many RVers miss, though, is laying this kind of memorabilia out in your camper! Souvenirs and pictures are simple, but they’re great ways to make your RV more personable and exciting.

While RVs are great ways to experience the outdoors from a comfortable, home-like vehicle, it never hurts to throw in a few of your own design choices to spice things up a little bit. From simple things like throw pillows and blinds to a complete renovation like paint, you can help bring your camper to life at a very affordable price. For more tips and advice on this topic, feel free to ask our experts at Modern Trailer Sales. We also sell a great selection of Keystone RV and Forest River models at our dealership, where we proudly serve customers from Noblesville and Fishers, IN, as well as the areas of Muncie and Carmel, IN.

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