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It’s a debate that’s as old as RVs themselves and a question that’s probably already run through your head a few times: which is better, used or new? Whether you’re selecting a camper, travel trailer, fifth wheel, or motorhome, you should take into consideration some of the situations that call for a new or used RV, and the pros and cons to both. We know this can be a difficult decision process, so this brief article can help you determine whether to go with a factory-fresh model or one that’s a few years old. If you have more questions and would like more information about choosing the right RV for your, come into Modern Trailer in Anderson, IN, near Indianapolis, Noblesville, Fishers, Muncie, and Carmel, Indiana.

Why Used RVs are Valuable

Price is obviously the first thing that attracts us to a used RV. A fifth wheel, motorhome, or travel trailer that’s been well taken care of can offer all the comfort and functionality of a brand new RV, and sometimes for half the price. But other than just initially being easier on your wallet, buying a used RV also carries plenty of other benefits. For example, if you’re a first time RV owner and don’t know yet how much you want to commit to the RV lifestyle, going used is a more affordable way to try it out for a while. You might decide you don’t like travel trailers that much, so maybe you’ll want to get a motorhome next time. Or, maybe you’ll love the used fifth wheel you buy, and choose to go with a new version of it once yours has had it. Overall, starting out with a used RV is the ideal way to discover which floor plan best suits your needs and preferences, so you can know exactly what you want when you go to buy a new RV.

The Importance of New

If you already know exactly what you want from an RV after some experience with the lifestyle, new just might be the best way to go. Although new models are more expensive, veteran travel trailer and fifth wheel vacationers enjoy the option of customizing their new RV with all their preferred amenities, appliances, and the desired floorplan. Whereas with a used model, you’re pretty much stuck with what’s in there, and chances are pretty slim that you’ll get everything exactly the way you want them. Also, with a newer RV, you’re not just purchasing a nicer unit, but you’re paying for the confidence that there’s nothing wrong with it, too. With used models, you never know if there’s a problem with leaks, brakes, mold, or damage to the structural integrity, but that’s never a problem with new RVs. You can rest assured that a factory fresh model is in pristine condition because you’ll know it’s history from the moment you leave the dealership to the time you decide to part ways with it.

Intended Use

Just like you should factor in your intentions when choosing the size of an RV, you should also consider how you want to use it before deciding if you want a new or used model. As we already mentioned if you just want to take the RV lifestyle for a test drive, going used is almost always the best idea, or at least the most affordable. If you just want to try it out and enjoy camping every once in awhile, the used RV will be great, but be sure you get it inspected first. A professional inspection of the RV will let you know if this is a good investment. Otherwise, you could be walking away with something that’ll be useless after a couple trips. On the other extreme, if you want to live full-time in your fifth wheel, you’ll want one that’s spacious, dependable, and as homelike as possible. This means having large furniture, the right floor plan, all the amenities that work for you, and of course, a reliable design. The only way to really ensure all these things is to buy new, which is definitely wise since you want your next home to be a lasting, comfortable place.

Making the Decision

Clearly, there’s pros and cons to used and new selections. However, either type can be perfect for the right situation, and no matter what kind of RV you choose, you’ll get the best value for vacationing. Don’t let the difficulties in choosing the right RV scare you away. We’re here to help you, and you’ll understand after you get one why taking RV vacations will save you money in the long run and make your trips infinitely more comfortable and fun. Come talk to us at Modern Trailer, and we’d love to tell you more about the benefits of choosing one of our RVs.

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