Tips for Washing your RV

Tips for Washing your RV

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Tips for Washing your RV Article from Modern Trailer SalesIf you’re pulling out your RV for the first time this spring or summer, then one of the most important ways you’ll want to dewinterize your rig is to give it a thorough washing. Even outside of pulling it out of storage, you’ll want to wash your RV on a regular basis, at least once after every trip. This prevents grime and debris from building up and damaging parts of your RV. To help get you started, Modern Trailer Sales has provided some basic tips for washing your RV. You may notice some issues with your RV as you’re washing it that will require professional attention. For all your maintenance and repair needs, contact our service department, proudly serving the areas of Indianapolis, Carmel, Fishers, Noblesville, and Muncie, Indiana.

Gathering Supplies

Start by making sure you have all the right tools to help you. Many people prefer to use a pressure washer to get the top layer of dust and grime off your rig, especially if it’s looking particularly nasty. Just keep in mind that pressure washers can release water at speeds of over 200 mph. Yikes! That’s enough to strip paint and coatings. Make sure if you’re using a pressure washer that you’re standing far enough away from the RV to avoid damage and never hold the pressure washer in one spot for too long.

Regardless of whether or not you use a pressure washer, you’ll want to scrub the vehicle by hand. This will take a little while, but it’ll be worth it, especially if you need a little extra elbow grease in some spots. For this step, you’ll want a brush with a telescoping handle and gentle detergent in lukewarm water. You may want to consult your owner’s manual to see if there’s a type of soap that works best for your model.

Washing Technique

When it’s time to wash your RV, start from the top and work your way down. The roof may be a little difficult to access, but it arguably accumulates the most debris. Some of the larger RVs, like fifth wheels or some toy haulers, may have their own ladder to access the roof so you can walk on top of it. If this is the case, the make sure you’re wearing shoes that will give you the right amount of grip. If you have a smaller RV, like a camper or travel trailer, then you may need to pull out your own ladder to reach the roof. Consider having a spotter to hold the ladder to prevent falling.

For the roof and for when you move onto the sides, you’ll want to wash and rinse the rig in smaller sections to avoid dried on soap scum. This will be especially important if it’s warm and sunny out and evaporation happens a lot faster than it normally might. Also don’t forget to periodically give your rig a more thorough rinsing.

Final Touches

Once the RV overall is nice and clean, you’ll want to take a look at some of the finer details. Take some time to wash all your windows with automotive window cleaner so there are no smears or smudges. Use sealant conditioner to maintain your window, roof, and slide seals. While you’re near the slide-outs, consider lubricating the bars and tracks using dry slide-out lube.

When you reach your wheels, consult your owner’s manual to find out what your rims are made of so you can find the right rim cleaner for your model. If you want an extra touch of fresh-off-the-lot aesthetic, you can get tire shine to make your tires jet black and looks brand new.

Once this is finished and you’ve finished the rest of your dewinterization process, then you’ll be ready to hit the road. Whether your trip takes you around the state or across the country, make sure you’re in an RV that makes you excited about hitting the road. If you’re still looking for that perfect rig, then stop by Modern Trailer Sales to check out some of the models we have on our lot right now. We’re near Indianapolis, Carmel, Fishers, Noblesville, and Muncie, Indiana.


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