Travel Trailers Vs. Fifth Wheels

Travel Trailers Vs. Fifth Wheels

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Travel Trailers Vs. Fifth Wheels Comparison From Modern Trailer SalesOnce you’ve decided to buy an RV, you’ve already made the right choice. These vehicles will heighten your camping experience in ways you won’t believe, from increased comfort to more versatility at the camp site. But when it comes to actually selecting a good trailer, which choice is the best? A classic question is whether a travel trailer or fifth wheel is the better option, so this guide from Modern Trailers aims to address the pros and cons of each model. After reading, you’ll see that the ideal model really depends on your own needs and preferences, so after doing a little thought and research, come on into our dealership in Anderson, IN. Our knowledgeable sales team will be happy to help you find the RV that’s just right for you, whether that be a Keystone RV, Heartland, or Forest River.

Travel Trailers

Compact yet inviting, travel trailers are the ultimate vacationing tool for those who want to get a taste of the RV experience. These things come furnished with everything you need for a comfortable camping trip, and there are a few notable ways that they’re superior to larger fifth wheel models.


If you’re leaning more toward a travel trailer, the price is probably one of the biggest factors. This is an obvious advantage, as these RVs truly are much more affordable. Not only is the ticket price lower, but the lighter vehicle means you can tow it with a smaller rig. Some RVers might need to buy a whole new truck just so they can haul an enormous fifth wheel, which adds a huge expense to an already ambitious investment. Not to mention, towing a smaller vehicle saves gas, since the lighter weight won’t hold you down as much while traveling.

Easy to Tow

No matter what sort of truck you have, a travel trailer will always be easier to tow than a fifth wheel. Since they’re light, they put the very little burden on your tow vehicle, meaning that you can navigate the road with agility and precision everywhere you go. You won’t have to worry about tight corners or slow braking to the same degree you would when hauling a fifth wheel. If you’re new to RVing, this is a great way to hone your towing skills before attempting to carry a larger vehicle.

Fifth Wheels

Unlike a travel trailer, fifth wheels are full-size RVs that offer floorplans as spacious as some homes. They’re tough, full of features, and designed to tow relatively easily for their size. Especially when you choose a model from Keystone RV, Heartland, or Forest River, you can trust these trailers to offer you everything and more than you’d expect in a home away from home.


While travel trailers utilize space pretty well, you still can’t say they’ll ever feel as cozy as the more homelike fifth wheel. Simply put, a larger RV is a more comfortable RV, and if you have a larger family, you’ll always feel crowded unless your floorplan is spacious enough to accommodate everyone. With a fifth wheel, this will never be a problem. They’re longer, taller, and wider, so if you’re willing to make the investment, it’s certainly worth it for a more comfortable camping experience.

More Luxurious Features

With extra space, you can obviously expect more features. Fifth wheels are typically furnished with residential appliances, increased counter and storage space, bigger bathrooms, and a master bedroom with more privacy. If you have a smaller family, this might seem unnecessary, but when you’re bringing larger groups, you definitely don’t want to be caught with an undersized fridge and minimal storage space. Not to mention, since everything on a fifth wheel is made to feel like a home, these models tend to carry a little more luxury than your standard travel trailer.

Making the Choice

Choosing between travel trailers and fifth wheels isn’t just a matter of ticket price. From the towing process to how much luxury you want from your home on wheels, there’s an array of important differences to consider when you make your choice. Overall, it just comes down to your own preferences. If you’re new to RVing or just want a simple vehicle for small trips, travel trailers might be your best choice, while fifth wheels are ideal for anyone that really takes vacations seriously. At Modern Trailers, we want to help you make the right choice, and with a huge inventory of Forest River, Heartland, and Keystone RVs, we’ll have no problem guiding you to the model that’s just right for you. When you think you’re ready to start looking, come visit us near Indianapolis, Noblesville, and Fishers, IN. We also serve customers from Muncie and Carmel, Indiana.

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