Updating the Furniture in Your Camper

Updating the Furniture in Your Camper

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Updating the Furniture in Your Camper Articles from Modern Trailer Sales


If you’re out on a RV trip and the weather turns for the worse, you are probably going to wish you had the most comfortable RV furniture possible. And yet when first buying an RV, many people think less about the luxuriousness of the furniture and more about the price tag and amenities. For this reason, it’s a great idea to update your RV furniture on your own if you’re an experienced RV owner. This will allow you to have a comfortable RV wherever the road takes you.

Here at Modern Trailer Sales, we know how important your RV is to you. We offer parts and services for many makes and models of RV. More importantly, we offer amazing customer service that keeps our customers coming back time after time. Come see our dealership in Indianapolis for yourself and find out what makes Modern Trailer Sales so special.

Plan and Personalize Your Space

Whether you want to totally renovate your RV’s interior, or you simply want to replace a lumpy, uncomfortable travel trailer sofa, you’ll need to do a bit of planning to make things go smoothly. Travel trailers have some relatively strict requirements in terms of available space and weight carrying capacity. That overstuffed chair might look good in the store, but if it’s going to stand between you and the bathroom, it might be best to go with the more modest mid-modern piece instead. It can be helpful to make a small drawing of the space you need to fill and to label it with all of the length, width, and height measurements. Remember, you don’t have to simply replace what’s there with a new version of itself. If you pull out your dinette set, you might find the space is better suited for a chair and end table. This is an opportunity to personalize your space, not just in looks, but in function. Your options aren’t just limited to purpose built RV furniture, either. Look at your options for residential furniture, too, as it’s often more comfortable and more durable anyway.

Repairing Furniture

You don’t have to trade out everything with a brand-new replacement. Repair can be a great option, especially if you generally like the style and functionality of the piece as-is. Consider taking your RV to an upholsterer for some new padding and new covering. In some cases, it’s actually cheaper to simply replace the piece of furniture altogether. But remember, if you reupholster the pieces, you won’t have to go through the planning and measuring work, and you also won’t have to worry about adding too much weight to the trailer. If you have decent sewing skills, try sewing your own slip cover to hide the wear and tear on your favorite couch.

Replacing Furniture

Once you’ve decided on all the things that you can’t avoid replacing, it’s time to find some new furniture. This can be the most fun part of the process, but it can also be stressful if you don’t do your research. As mentioned earlier in this article, make sure you fully understand the dimensions of the spaces you have available. Not only will you want to preserve walking paths, you’ll want to make sure that a piece isn’t so much larger or smaller than other pieces that it call attention to itself. No one wants the inside of their trailer to look like they’re helping their buddy move apartments. Second, you’ll need to at least consider the weight changes. Don’t overload one side of your RV with all-new residential furniture, as this can affect the weight balance of your camper. Asymmetrical weight will cause your RV tires to wear unevenly and can lead to unstable driving or tire blow outs. When you’re ready to actually buy furniture, you should probably consult your RV dealership first. There aren’t many manufacturers that sell RV furniture directly to the public. You will probably have to go through your RV dealership. Luckily, this means they will probably be able to install the furniture and will clue you in to any big problems in terms of weight distribution.

Hopefully this short guide gave you a few ideas about how best to plan for buying new furniture for your RV. If you have any more questions, don’t be afraid to call or stop by Modern Trailer Sales in Andersonville. We proudly serve Indianapolis, Noblesville, Anderson, Fishers, Carmel, and Muncie, Indiana.

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