Why you Should Choose a Pop-Up Camper

Why you Should Choose a Pop-Up Camper

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Why you Should Choose a Pop-Up Camper Articles from Modern Trailer SalesLooking for the right RV, especially if you’ve never done it before, can be incredibly daunting. With dozens of styles of RVs and each style having hundreds of models, there are several things to take into consideration. Plus, you have to stay within a budget. While there are many great things about every type of RV, pop-up campers might be the best way to start, especially if you’re traveling alone or with only one other person. They’re great first RVs, easy to maintain, and highly affordable. Here at Modern Trailer Sales, we want to help you find your perfect RV, so we’ve put together a guide to pop-up campers so you can see if they are right for you. If you have any additional questions, visit us at our dealership in Anderson, Indiana! We’ll show you our models and help you make your final decision. We also serve Indianapolis, Noblesville, Fishers, Muncie, and Carmel.

Introduction to RVing

Pop-up campers make a perfect first RV. They’re small and lightweight, so odds are you won’t have to invest in a brand new tow vehicle. They’re inexpensive compared to most RVs, and many dealers make financing options available. Not to mention, they’re simple enough that you can start to learn the basics of owning an RV. You’ll need to learn how to drive with added weight and length, especially if you eventually consider buying a bigger towing trailer, like a fifth wheel. On top of general RV maintenance, you’ll also get the chance to practice camping. This may seem silly, but there’s a lot of planning that goes into a good camping trip: packing, learning safe propane use, what to expect from different seasons, among other things you might run into as a camper. The stakes are lower, and if you make a mistake, it won’t be as expensive as trying to fix a larger rig.

Best of Both Worlds

Pop-up campers are perfect for people who like to stay close to nature but don’t enjoy tent camping. A pop-up camper lets you stay in a small, low maintenance RV so you stay off the cold ground and can sleep on a soft mattress that still shelters you from the elements. And when you wake up the next morning, nature is just outside your window. If you enjoy the outdoors but would prefer the amenities of an RV or hotel, pop-up campers will give you the best of both worlds.


One of the biggest draws of a pop-up camper is its affordability. Pop-up campers can range from $3,000-15,000. While this may still sound fairly expensive, most other RV models start at $15,000. They’re also cheap to operate. They don’t use a lot of energy, so you won’t be shelling out money for electricity or propane. The lighter weight means they don’t burn through tires and they have fewer mechanical problems than RVs. From first buy to last use, pop-up campers are the clear cost-saving option.


Pop-up campers are also nice for beginning RV owners because they’re easier to tow. The collapsible design makes them more aerodynamic and lightweight. Because of their lighter frame, they can be towed by virtually any vehicle, including minivans, all-sized pickup trucks, and SUVs, meaning you probably won’t have to buy a new tow vehicle. Thanks to their smaller size, debris on the road and low hanging branches are less of a problem. Their smaller size also means you don’t have as much to tow behind you, and getting used to driving it around won’t take as long.


Most people will tell you the reason they don’t like pop-up campers is because they lack certain modern amenities. These people also tend to spend more time in their RV than out of it. If you’re buying a pop-up camper, isn’t the whole idea to stay close to nature? Maybe you won’t have a jacuzzi, but you might consider camping close to a hot spring. And you probably won’t have your own personal gym, but that’s what hiking is for.

Plus, even though pop-up campers aren’t built for a luxurious lifestyle, newer models can offer a fairly large range of amenities, including propane stoves, refrigerators, and some even have toilets. You can also upgrade your mattress or buy a camper with heating and cooling and entertainment systems. It all depends on what you want while you’re camping.

These are just a few of the best reasons to buy a pop-up camper. Here at Modern Trailer Sales, we know that buying an RV can be a monumental task, whether this is your first time or your fifth. We want to make this process as easy as possible for you, so swing by our location in Anderson, Indiana to have a talk with our experienced staff to find out how to best accommodate your camping needs. We serve Indianapolis, Noblesville, Fishers, Muncie, and Carmel.

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